Odd Lot Upholstery

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upholstery leather. Odd lot upholstery has easily become one of our most popular leathers. With such a wide variety of color options and styles, youā€™re bound to get what you need at an excellent price. The photo gallery offers a few examples of what some of our earth tones look like. JustĀ email and ask usĀ for photos if you want more. Finally, we offer cut pieces as well, just click the previous email link and tell us! Whole hides priced atĀ $2.95/sqftĀ and cut pieces atĀ $3.50/sqft. Average thickness of 3-4 ounces.

When do people use odd lot upholstery?

Crafters use this leather for furniture, bags, lightweight chaps and more. An excellent option for someone who wants gorgeous leather at an affordable price.

What would I expect to pay for a whole hide?

These odd lot upholstery sides average around 50 square feet. So typically, you could expect to pay only around $147.50 for an entire hide of gorgeous upholstery leather that you get to pick out after emailing us. Just click the link above to get started!