Pre-Cut Natural Veg Tan Panels

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leather veg tan. We’re constantly asked for off-cuts & scraps of natural veg tooling leather, often it’s just something to practice on before a customer buys a full skin. So bearing this in mind we‘re now offering 2 sizes of pre-cut rectangular panel, very competitively priced in all the thicknesses we offer our full sides.

These are perfect for beginners, novice leather workers or those just looking for a smaller piece of leather for a repair or small project, such as a wallet, key fob, or even a western holster (from the larger size). leather veg tan

These panels are cut from our extremely popular range of natural vegetable tanned sides, so thicknesses range from 0.8mm all the way up to 4.0mm+ . leather veg tan

If you’re familiar with our natural veg sides, you’ll know what to expect, but if you’re new to the game then you can check out some of the fantastic feedback and reviews we’ve received from our customers over the past year. Having said that, we must stress that these aren’t perfect pieces of leather: you will have, cuts,

marks blemishes vein, stains, uneven colour, flay and a multitude of other faults which we have tried our best to highlight in the photos. This is part and parcel of working with  a natural product like leather- just like us humans, no two pieces are the same or indeed faultless/perfect- but these imperfections often add to the unique beauty of the finished product. leather veg tan

Panel sizes are as follows:

Small: 34cm x 27cm

Large: 50cm x 42cm