Rug Backed with felt lining for added durability and comfort
 Ideal as a rug, throw, accent piece or blanket
 Measure 48 x 72 inches (122x183cm)
 Genuine Beaver Fur – dense, warm, and thick
 Features a short, soft undercoat and long, glossy guard hairs
 May be used as a rug, throw, or comforter
 Several backing options available – Standard backing (velvet) or luxury backing (silk or cashmere). For additional custom baking options – (Contact Customer Service)
 Custom sizing also available upon request – (Contact Customer Service)
 Matching pillows sold separately. Model number: (TC-PILLOW-BEAVER)
 Authentic Beaver Fur
 Beaver Fur is all natural & completely unaltered
 Fur has long glossy guard hairs and a short, dense undercoat


Toss size measures 24 x 96 inches (61 x 244 cm)
Throw size measures 48 x 72 inches (121 cm x 182 cm)
Queen size measures 90 x 90 (229 x 229 cm)
King size measures 90 x 108 inches (229 x 274 cm)
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